Celebrating Indigenous Resilience Day on July 1st

As we gather on this day, known as “Canada Day”

Lets pause to acknowledge and reflect upon the land on which we stand. We are on the unceded territory of the Kanien’kehà:ka (Mohawk) people, who have been stewards of these lands and waters since time immemorial. This place, known as Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), is part of the vast land mass known to many Indigenous peoples as Turtle Island. We recognize that Turtle Island, now called North America, has been home to diverse Indigenous nations long before the creation of colonial borders. The land we now call Quebec and Canada is built upon thousands of years of Indigenous history, culture, and traditions. On this day, we acknowledge the complex and often painful significance July 1st holds for many Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island.

Dene Youth Drummers, NT

Establishment and expansion of the Canadian state came at a tremendous cost to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples, through land dispossession, forced relocation, and cultural genocide.

Douglas Witt

As a Métis artist with Mohawk ancestry, I carry a personal connection to this history and a responsibility to honour it. However, this acknowledgement extends beyond personal heritage to recognize all Indigenous peoples who continue to live with the ongoing impacts of colonization. We call on all people residing on Turtle Island to reflect deeply on the true history of this land. We encourage learning about the rich cultures, languages, and traditions of Indigenous peoples, as well as the difficult truths of how Canada has treated and continues to treat Indigenous nations. This acknowledgement is not just a statement, but a call to action. We must all play a part in the ongoing work of reconciliation, supporting Indigenous sovereignty, and building a future based on mutual respect and understanding.


As we reflect on the meaning of Canada today, let us commit to creating a society that truly honors the original peoples of Turtle Island, their histories, and their futures. Let us work towards a Canada that lives up to its promises of justice, equality, and respect for all who call this land home.




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