Mask Mentorship & Performance Training

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Mask Making & Performance Coaching

Douglas Witt, Founder of TheaterLunaire, Mentor & Concept Designer

.Are you a theatre practitioner, drama teacher, actor, or therapist looking to master mask-making and performance? Our workshops empower you to express yourself through the ancient art of mask creation and performance.

Who Can Benefit?

Our workshops are tailored for:

  • Theater Practitioners
  • Drama and Arts Teachers
  • Actors
  • Therapists using masks to heal trauma

Enhance your craft or utilize masks as a therapeutic tool with our expert guidance.

Workshop Details

Intuitive, Self-Guided Collaborative Format

Our workshops help you bring your mask ideas to life. You’ll learn to:

  • Engage your imagination and creativity.
  • Empower your creative expression.
  • Create unique, comfortable masks for the stage.

Traditional Techniques with Modern Applications

Learn the secrets of classic papier-mâché mask making, rooted in traditions from Italy, Tibet, India, and Ukraine.

You’ll learn:

  • Concept design: Learn to take your mask designs and make them into clay forms.
  • Casting in press molds, a time-honoured technique.

Our Unique Approach

  • Customizable workshops tailored to your needs.
  • Online or in-person sessions, with the best results in person.
  • Intensive mentorship and ongoing training options.
  • Suitable for workshops of up to 25 participants, adaptable to any schedule.

Why Choose Us?

With 30 years of teaching in school workshops and collaborations with top theatre companies, we offer an enriching experience.

We don’t just teach; we empower you to:

  • Create high-quality stage masks built for performance.
  • Develop and refine your skills.
  • Conceptualize and craft inspiring masks.

Pricing & Booking

Each workshop is unique, so we provide pricing through a quote consultation to meet your needs. Contact us at least three months in advance to ensure ample preparation time, especially for creating a cast of characters.


Contact Information

Book your consultation today: Email:

Advance booking is essential to secure your spot and ensure your masks are ready for rehearsals.

About Douglas Witt

With 30 years of mask-making experience, I’ve collaborated with theatre companies across Canada and in schools in isolated Arctic communities. I work with individuals of all ages, skill levels, and special needs, from indigenous communities to healing projects. I aim to help you connect with your inner mask maker and storyteller, bringing your creative dreams to life.

Elevate your mask-making and performance skills with our expert coaching. Let’s bring your vision to life!



Transformative for Students 

“Douglas’s workshop was a game-changer for our drama students. His hands-on approach and expertise in mask-making brought out a level of creativity and confidence I hadn’t seen before. The students created professional-quality masks and felt a real sense of accomplishment. Highly recommend for any school wanting to elevate their arts program!”

Jane Stevens, High School Drama Teacher 




Boosting Actor Skills  

“Douglas’s Mask Making & Performance Coaching was an eye-opener. His techniques in traditional mask-making and performance were invaluable. My skills have improved dramatically, and I feel more connected to my craft. His passion is infectious and his workshops are a must for any serious actor.”

Mark Wilson, Actor

Healing Through Creativity

“Douglas’s mask-making workshop was incredibly impactful for my clients. The creative process allowed them to express deep emotions and start their healing journeys. His intuitive teaching style made everyone feel comfortable and empowered. It was a transformative experience that brought therapeutic art to a whole new level.”

Emily Roberts, Therapist and Arts Facilitator