Art Challenge: Theatre Connection Quest

This week, I’ve decided to keep the post short and sweet. However, I want to give you a heads-up—this post is all about challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes, we need a nudge to grow

This challenge is designed to do just that. It focuses on connecting with your local theatre communities, learning new techniques, and venturing into uncharted territory. It may seem daunting initially, but the rewards for personal growth and artistic development are well worth the effort. So, step up, take on this challenge, and see where it leads you.

Connecting with your local theatre community will profoundly enrich your journey as a mask maker. You’ll introduce yourself through professional emails or phone calls, express your interest in masks, and seek valuable advice on using masks in productions. This process offers an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow.


Craft Your Introduction:

Write a professional introduction. Explain who you are, what you do, and your interest in masks. Seek advice and insights on how masks are used in their productions.

Research and Reach Out:

Before contacting local theatre companies or professionals (such as art directors), craft a list of questions and research the company you want to approach. Familiarize yourself with their mission statement and what the company is about. These questions will help you gather information and seek advice about using masks in their productions. These are just some suggested questions to help you get started. You will need to tailor them to your own needs and queries.

It’s also important to know that maybe the company you’re contacting doesn’t have a history of using masks. So, it is best to ask some clarifying questions. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back from the thin within a week. These people are very busy, and they may not be able to respond to you as quickly as you would like… if at all. The point is to put yourself out there and see what happens.

List of Information Seeking Questions:

  1. How do you incorporate masks into your theatrical productions?
  2. What are the key challenges you face when using masks on stage?
  3. Can you share any specific techniques or methods used to create and maintain masks for performances?
  4. Are there particular themes or styles that your productions often explore through the use of masks?

List of Advice Questions:

  1. Based on your experience, what advice would you give to someone looking to integrate masks into their performances?
  2. How can a mask maker effectively collaborate with theatre professionals to ensure the masks align with the production’s artistic vision?
  3. In your opinion, what makes a mask design effective in enhancing a character’s portrayal on stage?
  4. Are there any upcoming opportunities or projects where a mask maker could contribute their skills?

Engage in Conversations:

Arrange informational interviews with those who respond positively. Discuss how masks are incorporated into their performances, any workshops they offer, and potential opportunities for collaboration or display.

Document Your Journey:

Keep a photo journal or record your conversations for future reference. This will help you reflect on your learning and how to incorporate it into your practice.

Self-Care Check-In:

Plan time for yourself during this challenge. Making connections can be stressful, so balance your outreach efforts with personal art-making time to rejuvenate your creative spirit. I recommend doing some mask designs, perhaps of masks you would like to see on stage or masks you talked about while interviewing one or all the people who replied.

Sample Letter:

Subject: Mask Maker Seeking Advice on Theatre Production Collaboration Opportunities.


I’m [Your Name], a dedicated artist specializing in creating theatrical masks that bring characters to life. I’m eager to explore collaboration opportunities with [Theatre Company Name] and would value any insights or recommendations within the local theatre community.

Could you provide some insights on your company’s approach to using masks in production?

  1. Does [Theatre Company Name] incorporate masks into its productions?
  2. How does your company acquire masks for performances?
  3. Do you have an in-house mask maker, or do you outsource this role?
  4. What criteria do you prioritize when selecting a mask maker?

I’ve attached some images and a brief artist bio showcasing my work. For further examples, please visit my website and social media links below.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to discussing how my mask-making skills could contribute to [Theatre Company Name] or other projects within your organization.

Attach your CV with a picture of your work and a headshot of yourself to help humanize your letter [ this should be a PDF or Jpeg so that it can be easily shared.]
Website: [Your Website URL]
Social Media: [Your Social Media Links]

Best regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Title if you have one]


  • Make sure to send medium format photos, at least 1024 pixels on the longest side, 72 DPI resolution, and ideally as a collage for easy forwarding. Include one product shot of your mas and one professional action shot. [Attach only one or two pictures of your masks.] The best quality photos you can. 
  • [Attach your artist bio] See the blog post about “How to Write an Artist Biography.”


This challenge encourages you to leave your comfort zone and connect with the local theatre community. It provides valuable insights into the practical application of masks in performances, opens potential avenues for collaboration, and helps you understand theatre professionals’ specific needs and preferences. Engaging with others allows you to gain knowledge, build relationships, and grow as an artist.

Approach this challenge with enthusiasm and curiosity. The connections you make and the knowledge you gain will enhance your craft and inspire your artistic journey.

Dare! Be brave, my fellow creative. You have greatness within you, and you need to share your gifts with the world.


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